And so how many petals DOES this chrysanthemum have?


Remember the challenge – how many petals are there on this chrysanthemum?

That was the game I set a month ago following several idle conversations with customers.

I promised a free Flowers For The Weekend bouquet to whoever guessed closest.

Guesses ranged from 111 to 4,181.

How many were there?

Well, let me put it this way. If I’d known roughly how many at the outset, I probably wouldn’t have set in motion an initiative which would require me to actually count them; it took me an entire evening,

It turns out there were 1,327.

The real disappointment was that this turned out not to be a Fibonacci number as suggested in the maths classes of my childhood (a connection possibly since discredited as the Wikipedia entry on Fibonacci in Nature makes no mention of petals).  For the record, the closest Fibonacci number to 1,327 is 1,597.

Anyway, congratulations to Diana Brotherton whose guess of 976 was a mere 351 adrift. Diana wins a free selection of flowers from Flowers for the Weekend. Something like these.